About the Studio

SW Pilates is a fully equipped Romana’s Classical Pilates Studio in Alderley Edge, Cheshire teaching the original work of Joseph Pilates. It is the only studio of its kind in the North West, offering a range of classes from group to private sessions.

The studio contains the full range of Gratz equipment specifically designed by Joseph Pilates, the most common and well known being the Reformer and the Cadillac. Each piece was specifically designed for a purpose; to help the body to strengthen and lengthen, stabilize and re-align.

The system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and Romana Kryzanowska, provides a beautiful structure. It is designed to help each individual body, from young to old and all the way through from injured to professional athlete. Whether it is to overcome a setback or injury, or to perfect a skill eg; dancer/sporting professional, Pilates is used to teach the body to move with control from the centre. It will make you stronger, more flexible, more co-ordinated and more  aware of how each body part relates to the next. Through movement we create strength and stretch with control. It is about how you do the exercises themselves that is key to strengthening the body.

The exercises are designed to help you  move with freedom in everyday life.

Saskia is a level V Romana’s Pilates teacher.

Saskia undertook her training as a Romana’s Pilates instructor at Kinetic Pilates in London with Rebecca Convey (Instructor Trainer Level III), the only Romana’s Pilates training course in the UK and Marjorie Oron (Master Instructor Trainer X) of The Pilates Studio in The Hague, whom she did all her tests and seminars with. Saskia has also undertaken this years CPE with Grand Master Instructor Trainer Level 1 – Sari Meja, daughter of Romana Kryzanowska.

Saskia was a professional dancer and after sustaining an injury during a performing contract, she then realised that a deeper understanding of movement, combined with strength, control and flexibility was needed to fully recover, improve her dance technique and remain injury free. She immediately noticed the difference that Pilates made to her movement quality and her ability to centre herself. After finishing the apprenticeship in London, Saskia moved on from her dance career to teach Pilates, which she did at the London studio from 2020-2022. She has now moved back up to Alderley, where she grew up, to open the only Romana’s Pilates studio in the North West. Saskia is very passionate about helping everyone move with freedom, without pain and taking the journey with you to achieve your goals.

Studio Policy

New Clients

New clients must start with at least one private session to assess their individual needs and develop a strong understanding of the basics of Pilates. There is a first private session offer.

​A new client from must be filled in before you do your first session. This will be attached to your confirmation email once you have booked a session through the first time private option on the website.
If you are not able to fill out the form this way, then please arrive 5 minutes before the start of your first session to fill it out at the studio.


Please wear fitted clothing that you can move comfortably in and clean socks. 

It is best to tie long hair back and not wear jewellery.

Please avoid wearing zips or buttons on the back of your clothing as it damages the equipment


All classes last 50 minutes and are by appointment only. Please book through the website or contact via phone if you’d like to book.
If any outstanding payment hasn’t been made within 7 days, the studio reserves the right to charge a £10 admin fee.

We run a strict 24 hour cancellation policy for all sessions.

*Prices are subject to change.


SW Pilates does not issue refunds – however payment can be gifted to another party without
penalty as long as we have been notified and it is confirmed. Sessions may be changed to
another date or time as long as it is 24 hours before the session is to take place.

If a block of sessions is purchased, these will be valid for a period of 3 months.


There is car parking on the driveway. SW Pilates can take no responsibility for damage
caused to your vehicle or by your vehicle whether parked on the drive available or

Do you have a question?

Contact us about any questions you have about the classes we run or health related worries.

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